Anti Aging Remedies

If you came here looking for anti aging remedies, then you will want to be certain you have the correct site to give you the information you want. If that’s mostly advice on anti wrinkle creams or anti aging skincare, there are better sites around for that though we will cover the topics to some degree. However, if you want to know a bit about the latest research on different topics that have to do with anti-aging then you ended up at the right spot.

What Is Anti Aging?

adding candles to the birthday cake - agingFirst let’s start with the phrase “anti aging” itself since we are starting to see some backlash against the term. As you know from school, anti means against. So anti aging would mean against aging. While you and I may not be happy about getting older and what aging does and can do to us, it’s better than the alternative of not getting older. So if we correlate aging and getting older, there’s not much we can do to stop it nor do we want to do so.  We live linearly with each passing year adding to all the ones we have lived through so far.  There is no anti aging remedy that will keep you from becoming one year older and celebrating another birthday.

What I think most of us really want is to not look as old as we are and to learn and do all we can to live longer as healthy as possible. We don’t want to be like our grandparents. We want to avoid or put off the diseases and degeneration associated with aging for as long as possible. While I would love to look like a woman still in her 30s or even 40s, I am not going to spend hours every day trying to achieve that. Just like you, I have too much to do.

What Does Anti-Aging Entail?

blueberries as part of an anti aging dietWe know now that anti aging (meaning doing all we can to live longer and healthier per this site’s definition) remedies entail so much more than just taking care of your face to minimize wrinkles and blemishes. More and more research supports the findings of people like Dan Buettner in his book, The Blue Zones, that living longer is tied to even more than an anti aging diet or specific anti aging exercises.

To live longer we also want to have healthy social relationships meaning friends and good times. We want to have close family ties. Having a faith or religion that is important to us and a part of our daily lives is also one factor in living longer. We want a sense of community and being linked to others of like mind or, as Seth Godin puts it, belonging to the same tribe.

Furthermore, we need to have a purpose in our lives. All those things in the last paragraph can give us a purpose. My own mother’s purpose is doing things for her church from organizing jumbled church libraries to visiting those in the hospital and stuck at home to leading a ladies’ Bible study class weekly. She’s in her 80s and still does all that plus take care of her husband (my dad), her beautiful home (which they remodeled totally and totally landscaped in their 70s), and cooking meals every day. She still works in the yard every week as well. You probably know someone like her and have often said, “I hope I am doing that well when I’m her age.”

Our reason to get up in the morning could be something else. Our purpose could be the volunteer work we do down at the local senior center or with Meals on Wheels or at a school. There are so many groups needing volunteers that there is no shortage of places to serve. We could find our purpose serving a cause such as Save the Whales or Habitat for Humanity or Make a Wish Foundation or another such.

We could have found our purpose in a second or third career. How about creating your own business? With all that you have to learn starting new work, it will keep your mind active and help keep away the devil named Alzheimer’s. At least, it will sure help.

Anti Aging Categories

So you can see that anti aging is not just limited to face creams and beauty products. That’s why the categories you see in the navigation below the header picture have all those things included.

However, we do have concerns as we age. Our bodies do change. I swear it was like someone flipped a switch when I hit 40. It’s all those changes and the diseases we want to keep at bay as long as possible when we talk about anti aging here.

That’s why there are also or will be categories for The Brain, Heart, and Body. We want to know the latest things we can do to help minimize the diseases and progressive degeneration that hit all those points of our bodies. Not only do we want to know the latest research findings especially if those findings give us an idea of what we can do to help ourselves, we also want to know the latest about anti aging supplements that help keep our brains sharp, our hearts healthy, and our bodies moving and working strong.

Some of us (that’s me) have let ourselves go and only now as we have gotten older and finally have some time to look at ourselves after pursuing our careers and raising our families realize where we are and what has happened to our health and our bodies. We want to know what to do to lose those pounds and get back in shape so we can add years to our lives and face our “golden years” as healthy as we can.

If we have some of those diseases or afflictions that are associated with getting older, we want to know what we can do to minimize the present damage and to put off as long as possible what we know is coming.

Beyond all this, we are changing society again as we have ever since we were born. Of course, I’m talking about Boomers. It’s just the shear size of our age group that has made so many changes. But society and economics are changing our expectations just as we have changed them. Family structure is in the process of change and so are all kinds of economic devices such as insurance and retirements due to us living longer. These are important things to know as well as it is about what affects the society we live in.

All this is what this site is for. The anti aging news posts will link to the latest news on all these aspects and discuss the latest research studies, population surveys, new medical devices and whatever just seems appropriate to people who not only are interested in anti aging but in the effects of living longer.

There will also be articles that will fit within the other categories listed in the header navigation such as the one on Telomeres and Telomerase. Over time we hope to provide the best resource online for all this information that is of interest to Boomers and others who realize one day they too will get older.

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So come read about anti aging and all its different aspects. Let us know what you want to know more about and where your interests in anti aging lie. Please feel free to comment and start a conversation or join one in progress.